Q. Do I need a minimum level of fitness to start training at AJ CrossFit?
A. No! We will scale the workouts to suit your fitness level.

Q. I have a dislocated shoulder/broken leg can I still do CrossFit training?
A. Actually Yes! We will most likely want to get in contact with your physio to make sure that our programming will complement the rehab of your injury but all our workouts can be modified to accommodate any issues you have.

Q. Is CrossFit really as hard as I’ve heard it is?
A. Yes! If it wasn’t it wouldn’t get the same amazing results for people.

Q. I’m scared!
A. That’s not a question but we do hear it frequently. We think it’s OK to be scared as long as it doesn’t stop you from taking action. What you have been doing isn’t working so you know you’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone!

Q. Do you have a contract period?
A. No. Unlike all the big chain gyms people keep coming to AJ CrossFit because they love training with us not because of a contract.

Q. Any Start-up fees/ cancellation fees I should know about?
A. Again, we are not that kind of gym!

Q. Is it safe to train so hard/is there a risk of injury with this type of training?
A. I believe CrossFit is much safer than most sports. Our coaches have two main priorities. One is to make sure you are scaling the work to the right intensity for your current level. The other is to teach you the correct technique. So with the correct technique and intensity not only will you be safe while you train but we will improve your mobility and core strength so you will be less likely to get injured outside the gym as well. This article will explain in more detail our philosophy.

Q. How come your Personal Training prices are so cheap?
A. We know that if you could find a personal trainer with the same experience as our coaches they would charge upwards of $80 per session! We don’t charge anything like that for a number of reasons. Firstly who has that kind of money to throw around? But more importantly we can get you a much more effective and much more enjoyable workout by teaming you up with a suitable training partner or two (3 people is the maximum we can have in a PT session with one trainer)

Q. What if my training partner doesn’t turn up to a PT session? Do I have to pay extra?
A. No, all our prices are per person!

Q. What if I bring a training partner to a PT session? Do I get a discount?
A. No, all our prices are per person!

Q. What if I miss a Training session?
A. You can and should reschedule it so you don’t miss any PT sessions that you have paid for in that week! If necessary you can reschedule a missed session as an extra session in the following week (to do this you need to be on the same weekly rate as when you accrued it).

Q. How/when do I pay my training fees?
A. All fees are charged weekly on a Friday by direct debit to pay for the following weeks training.

Q. What happens if I am going away on holidays/on business? Do I still pay for that week?
A. No, all you need to do is send an email by the Wednesday night (before the Friday payment comes out) to admin@ajcrossfit.com and we will make sure you don’t get charged for any full weeks you are away.

Q. What if I was planning on coming to group training and I have already booked and paid for it and Trainers have been rostered on and workouts and equipment allocation has been planned for me but then I get sick or can’t make it to a group workout? Can I get a refund?
A. No, unfortunately to be fair to everyone and to avoid an administration nightmare, we can’t do refunds or credits if you are sick or miss training after you have booked in and paid for it.

Q. What can I expect to be doing at a typical training session?
A. Regardless of whether it is a PT session or a group session, the coach will lead you through a warm-up routine designed to prepare the body specifically for the Workout of the day (the WOD). Next he or she will explain the workout and point out the objective and any safety issues to be aware of. Next they will demonstrate the movements that are in that day’s workout. Then you will be coached through a specific warm-up on the movement. This is our chance to get the weight and scaling right for you and correct your technique if necessary. When we are all set the coach will call 3-2-1-GO! And the WOD is on!
All of our sessions end by working on stretching and mobility as we discuss the fun we just had and speculate about what surprises tomorrows WOD has install for us..

Q. Where can I find out more about whether this is right for me?
A. That’s easy. Just hit the button below.

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