So, you’re ready to get fit, really fit, lean and toned with the confidence and feeling of vitality that goes along with it and big modern franchise gyms with their rows of treadmills and machines are not going to cut it for you. You’re done with the spin classes and pump classes where no one knows your name (or even cares) and you just can’t face another mile of pounding the streets jogging your way towards the next injury and little else.

What you do want is somewhere fun and friendly to train with coaches who care and have a passion for teaching you the best way to perform exercises safely and effectively so you can see big changes fast.

Welcome! Sounds like we are going to get on well, I’m Andy Jeffery (that’s AJ to you) I have been running AJ CrossFit (formally known as AJ Fitness) in Camp Hill and now in Old Cleveland Road, Carina since 2006. In 2014 we took over running one of the Redlands favorite CrossFit boxes (CrossFit Steel) so we now also run AJ Crossfit East in Enterprise st, Cleveland.

Our goal at AJ CrossFit is for you to not only gain a level of fitness beyond what you may believe is possible but to actually enjoy the journey to achieving it.


Universal scalability

We strongly believe that CrossFit training is for everyone! An exercise will only make it into our “Workout of the day” (the WOD) if it can be made hard enough for the fittest to get a great workout but also be scalable so that an easier version of the same exercise can be performed by anyone at all.

We train clients with a vast array of backgrounds and abilities but most are definitely not in the serious athlete category when we first meet them. We think of ourselves as the CrossFit for people who really need it.

Developing Athletes

If you want the lean toned body of an athlete, guess what? You are going to have to train (and eat) like an athlete! CrossFit is the “sport of fitness” and we treat all our team members like athletes so that will mean being held accountable for the quality and frequency of your training.

The CrossFit Community

But it’s not just the coaches that you’ll be able to rely on for support and encouragement. Being involved in the CrossFit community really is something special. We enthusiastically celebrate the successes of our teammates. Don’t worry you’ll see what I mean on your first day.

Interested to find out more about AJCF and whether we’re right for you? Just click the button below.

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