While we could go on about all the benefit you will receive being a part of AJ CrossFit, nothing beats hearing directly from our members.

Here’s what just a few of them have to say…

I have been really enjoying the sessions. Great trainers. Great people. Great environment. I can see how it becomes addictive.

Damien G, AJ CrossFit Member

I absolutely enjoy being a part of the team here.

I have learnt so much already in my short time at your gym and plan to put these new skills in to practice during my training.

Caitlin C, AJ CrossFit Member

Thanks so much to you both and the trainers, had another great year of 5.15am sweat & groan sessions, great bunch of guys to train with and exceptional trainers, Kyle is so patient and encouraging with getting it right. After over 4 ½ years still improving and enjoying the benefits, keep up the good work.

Martin T, AJ CrossFit Member

I have been really enjoying training and the coaches have been fantastic in supporting me to train whilst pregnant.

Keisha A, AJ CrossFit Member
I feel so at home over the last two years whenever I come in to train.
I love training at AJ CrossFit! I would definitely recommend it to anyone

Rachel W, AJ CrossFit Member

I would like to say that you have a very special crossfit environment which I have recommended to friends and I enjoy my time there immensely.

Maz H, AJ CrossFit Member

I wanted to thank you and also the coaches, particularly Kyle and Clay for the great training and support they provide. AJ CrossFit has been a great influence on my life

Luke C, AJ CrossFit Member

I really love training with you and find your classes extremely motivating. I always look forward to the sessions.

I’d like to thank you for all that you’ve taught me!

Jules, AJ CrossFit Member

I love training at AJ CrossFit. In fact I’m loving every bit of Crossfit! It suits me to a tee.

Justin B, AJ CrossFit Member
I am proud of my accomplishments since I have started training at AJ CrossFit and I have the team there to thank for this. I have never lifted heavier, run farther or been more flexible since beginning, not to mention a complete diet change and a current weight loss of 15 kg….
This has given me the foundation and confidence to want to start a new business, and for this, I thank you.

Phil S., AJ CrossFit Member

Thank you so much for a wonderful intro session! Coaches and staff all amazing! Other members super friendly and supportive. I had lots of fun!

Bec W, AJ CrossFit Member
Thanks again for everything, I love the community and I can’t thank you AJ and Janine enough for everything you do at the box, it’s changed my life and AJs will always be home. Because it’s not just a ‘gym’!
AJ CrossFit has honestly changed my life in so many ways and I know I will live much longer because of the way you guys got me in and didn’t scare me away! Haha

Michael H, AJ CrossFit Member
I have a great time training with you and everybody else in what is not only an environment where I have been pushed to go further, but also one that has been fun!
I wanted to commend you on your positive attitude as well. It’s always encouraging to meet people who are not only knowledgeable and walk the walk, but do it all with a friendly demeanour. I remember the first day at AJ CrossFit where one lady was not confident in her abilities, but you reassured her saying you wouldn’t give her “the mantle of worst person to attempt Crossfit” (or something to that effect).

Mark G, AJ CrossFit Member

I have been a member at AJs for a number of years and it has totally changed me and my life, losing weight, building up self-confidence and being active and fit. Additionally I have really enjoyed the friends I have made in the 6:15pm class and in the 8am Saturday morning class. Once again I thank you and the coaches

Trent M, AJ CrossFit Member

I really enjoy my time at AJ CrossFit, Thank you for the whole experience of it!

Morgan V, AJ CrossFit Member

Thank you all so much for everything! I have such a great time at AJ CrossFit and learn a lot! I shall definitely be continuing CrossFit into the future!

Jess C, AJ CrossFit Member

We really value the CrossFit teens classes and have seen a massive difference in Ben’s strength, speed and endurance on the field this season, we’re pretty sure that is all thanks to CrossFit!

Jan Z, Parent of AJ CrossFit Member

I’m feeling like a new man, my efforts at cross fit are really paying off. Feeling like I can take on the world.

Nathan R, AJ CrossFit Member

I really want to say thanks for the chat we had yesterday. I honestly wanted to hug you for caring so much!! I didn’t because I don’t know where you stand on that. I know I’m just one of a lot of people you coach but yesterday really meant a lot. So thank you.

Huggy bear, AJ CrossFit Member

Hey Andy, Just send a little photo of what I’ve achieved at AJ CrossFit since being there. I just want you to know I’m so thankful to have started with you and all your great staff. I have learnt so much about myself (inside and out). I hope I can now better myself to be where I want to be. Thanks Andy for having the great business that you have because without AJ CrossFit I would never have achieved the goals I have so far. . .

Kirsty B, AJ CrossFit Member

I surprise myself every time I come in here

Yarni K, AJ CrossFit Member
Hey AJ, just wanted to let you know what great work Janine does. After today’s workout 16.2 I don’t think I would of got the score I got today without her. With my first attempt I was left feeling very frustrated. But good old Janine pulled me aside and got my head in the right space.
With me attempting a second time with her right by my side helping me along.Just wanted to give a little feedback as I think sometimes we forget what the coaches do for us, and it’s not always brought to light and sometimes just taken for granted by us.
You have a great thing going and I’m glad to be a part of it. From where I have come, to where I am now is a testament to yourself and the coaching staff.

Justin S, AJ CrossFit Member

Over the past year of training at Crossfit I have lost 13kg and lift roughly 30% more than when I was 21. When I started I could do 4 push-ups 6 sit-ups and couldn’t do a pull-up I was overweight, with very poor self image. All I can say is Crossfit works and gets results.
I would just like to say a massive thanks to all the coaches and my fellow athletes who make AJ’s such a great place to train.


Lachlan C, AJ CrossFit Member

I just want to say thank you to everyone for the amazing 2 months I got to spend with you guys.
Moving from another country, leaving behind family and friends isn’t easy but each one of you without knowing helped me get through that process.
Before joining CrossFit I’ve heard a lot about the amazing community that CrossFit is, and honestly you really don’t know until you experience it and yep, people were right, it is pretty amazing. And this was also my first experience interacting with the Australian culture and I can happily say that, as I’ve also heard, Australians are very, very nice people.
Thank you to the coaches for being so patient with me when I was asking questions every five minutes to make sure I understood correctly, and for the rest of the people I also asked to make sure I got what the coach said lol.
Anyway thank you again for everything, hope to see everyone again soon :)
Lots of love,

Ps. Andy I didn’t get to say bye to you, but thank you for the amazing community you’ve got, now make another one in the north side!

Evelyn R, AJ CrossFit Member

At AJ CrossFit you guys have created a very close knit community, one that welcomes people from all walks of life, accepts and nurtures. CrossFit has provided the vehicle for you to express and give use to these talents of your’s but it’s thru your dedication, know how and hard work that our gym can be so life changing. You motivate, inspire people and create this fantastic positive vibe in a way that lifts one’s spirit and makes one believe in oneself. And when one believes in oneself, the sky is the limit.
You have changed my life dramatically for the better. Hopefully the above explains a little better than my previous somewhat lacking attempts xx

Kirsty L, AJ CrossFit Member

Thanks Andy, FYI – I have lost 6 kilos since I first met you guys a few weeks ago by following the nutrition plan you put me on.

Michelle R., AJ CrossFit Member

We are both enjoying our time in the Cleveland box and both impressed with the level of coaching

Warren and Georgia J, AJ CrossFit Members

Thank you! I appreciate how helpful you all are in my plans to be a better athlete!
A.J’s is the best box:)

Emma C, AJ CrossFit Member

A big thank you to my mates at Aj crossfit ! Went to dr’s this morning blood pressure perfect ! Myself and children thank you! 6 months ago I needed medication for the rest of my life . Not anymore cheers !

Stephen B, AJ CrossFit Member

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you & Scott for the great training & environment you guys provide. So great to be back again. Really enjoying the blood flowing again, the friendship etc.

Just wanted to say thanks

Sean S., AJ CrossFit Member

I have CrossFit to thank for all the compliments I get about the weight I’ve lost! If it weren’t for all the great support and encouragement from the coaching staff and other members, I wouldn’t have started this journey of looking after my physical health. If you ever need that supportive fun workout environment, I highly recommend AJ Crossfit. The fact that it is about whole body fitness instead of just losing weight means I am also toning and gaining muscle as well. Now I really can say I can lift. LOL

Kara Z., AJ CrossFit Member

Thanks Andy, I so love our AJ CrossFit – Cleveland family. Again you don’t need me to tell you, you are awesome at what you do and I have learnt so much from you.

Thanks so much

Shel L, AJ CrossFit Member

Hey andy! I looked at my score on Crossfit games from when we did 13.4 last time I got 9 reps! This time 38! So excited about how far I’ve come since training with you! Thanks

Brooke H., AJ CrossFit Member

Good Morning Andy, Just wanted to say thank you for having us at cross fit, I absolutely love it, lost one dress size, feel better, feel very motivated, seems like Ross is enjoying it a lot as well, so we end up fighting who will go:) I recommend it to everyone now:) Hope someone will join us:) Thats pretty much it just wanted to say thanks to you, to Regan, Clay , Janine for the great job you guys are doing. Have a nice day!

Natalya P., AJ CrossFit Member

I want to sincerely thank you, Janine, fellow participants, and every member of your team who has encouraged and equipped me to become healthier and more resilient physically and mentally. I am blessed to have seen you alls passions for healthy living and camaraderie and have been impacted by it. Thank you.

Alan W., AJ CrossFit Member

My first few weeks training with you have been really fun and a great challenge!

Elise T., AJ CrossFit Member

I never thought I’d join a crossFit gym or enjoy it, but I’ve found a pretty cool crew of people who motivate you, encourage you, who are right by your side when you feel like giving up (or feel like crying) because you think you can’t not to mention a good laugh. This year has been pretty rough for me in personal shit/health, but I can feel my confidence growing slowly again thanks to this bunch at AJ Crossfit and a few other close friends outside of training.

Steph B., AJ CrossFit Member

Andy and the team at AJ CrossFit and Personal Training has provided me with a place that I actually want to go to and exercise regularly. Our community is so supportive and friendly I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been. He talks the talk and walks the walk an inspirational fitness leader.

Ricky P., AJ CrossFit Member

You have no idea how healthier I feel since starting CrossFit at AJ’s. Without it I think I’d still be a fairly stationary blob on the couch – it really has been life changing.

Thanks so much to you and the whole team, I enjoy every minute of it (except maybe mid workout when i think i’ll die!)

Ben D., AJ CrossFit Member

After only a couple of weeks with you I am really enjoying the program and seeing some results already so very keen to continue

Having a great time (except for 1500m runs). Feeling stronger and fitter than I have for many years.

John B., AJ CrossFit Member

Thanks Andy, FYI – Hi Andy, since we moved I started up at a new CrossFit as soon as we arrived, doing 3 days a week (all I’m allowed by hubby with the kids being so time-intensive). It’s going ok, but has really made me appreciate how awesome ur box is – coaches are super-diligent and u cram in so much technique and strength development into a session. It’s obvious u run a tight ship. Everyone was so friendly too. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Hayley W., AJ CrossFit Member

Hi Andy, I have just had a most exhausting weekend but I feel great!

When I first joined crossfit 2 1/2 years ago it was with the idea that, on the wrong side of fifty, and with longevity genes in the family, I wanted – needed – to get fitter, be more flexible and more energetic.

This was a priority as my husband has had 5 back operations and as many related procedures over this time – the latest two weeks ago. I just have to be fit to back up for him and help maintain a two (now one) acre garden and take on any additional chores as his abilities dictated.

Much to my surprise, I have become a crossfit devotee. Despite old injuries and various conditions (flat feet, tennis elbow, stitches, no jumping /skipping /running) you have always been able to scale the exercises or adjust them to my abilities, or indeed replace them depending on what I can or can’t do at the time. And that variety and adaptability and the willingness and encouragement of the trainers (you, Janine, Clay, Chris, Kyle and especially Regan) have been the reason for my continued motivation.

So, at the weekend, a small job turned into a huge one. Just two of us dismantled, carried, loaded, unloaded, carried and stacked industrial steel shelving – three units each 3m high, 8 metres long and about a metre wide. Particleboard shelves and baseboards, heavy steel endframes, pegboard frames, shelves, baskets, racks, etc, etc. Luckily each of the components was no heavier than could be carried or manhandled by two determined stubborn people (though a third person by the end of the day wouldn’t have gone astray). We worked from 10 til 8 pm each day. (And I trained on Saturday morning!!!)

And – the point of this long saga – I DID IT!!!!

I lifted, carried, squatted, turned, pushed, pulled – standing, squatting, reaching overhead. For hours. And no residual soreness or strains. Thanks to crossfit, I have the techniques, the strength and the stamina to now do this sort of thing.

I am stoked.

I can’t say more than a heartfelt thank you . . . and . . . I’ll be at training this afternoon!

Sue H., AJ CrossFit Member

A massive thankyou to you and your team for all your enthusiasm and encouragement, you have completely changed our attitude to food and exercise.

Thanks again!

Dani and Nick, AJ CrossFit Members

Hi AJ,

I’m so pleased my friend came to see you to join CrossFit. I know she’ll love it as much as I do! the Box is amazing. See you tonight.

Amita L., AJ CrossFit Member

Wow! What a great day! So chuffed to be involved in something so positive, healthy and fun. Thanks Andy Jeffery, you have created something very special in AJCrossfit, with a great bunch of peeps! Heading home from Clash on the Coast now. Girl trip!

Jane E., AJ CrossFit Member

A.J. CrossFit and Personal Training at Carina, Brisbane, Australia. What an absolutely awesome place to train for the whole family!! The coaches are amazing, supportive and encourage everyone every step of the way! The people that train are friendly and no egos to be found.

No matter what your age or level of fitness there is always encouragement from everyone right to the end of that workout (& sometimes you need that to finish!) And watch this space for some super duper upcoming teens that are part of the Crossfit Kids programme. With three age groups running all kids are covered at AJ’s and I believe the general consensus among the parents is that this would have to be the one sport/activity that the kids are devastated if they can’t go!

Credit goes to Andy Jeffery and his team for creating an environment where everyone is welcome to come and join the fun no matter what your level of fitness is – it is all about the journey of living your life to the fullest and crossfit has become that for myself, my husband and 3 kids!

Marie L., AJ CrossFit Member

Thanks Andy! I had a great first night last night – scared initially but felt awesome after doing the exercise and achieving. Thanks for your support and I look forward to a great crossfit lifestyle from here on end. Bring it on! P.S – Paleo diet is going great so far.

Michelle R., AJ CrossFit Member

Hi Andy, my son loved the kids crossfit on Saturday morning we will definitely return. Janine and Raquel were lovely

Could I come in for a session myself on Friday?

Renee A., AJ CrossFit Member

Hello Janine, Thanks for the great program that you do with the teenagers. Alex always looks like he has just run a marathon when I collect him. Thanks to you his lung function has improved and he seems to be keeping well. I am able to claim some of this back from the cystic fibrosis association.

Ann I., AJ CrossFit Member

Thanks Andy! I really enjoyed my first group session! it was lovely that everyone was so friendly :)

See you on Tomorrow.

Mel J., AJ CrossFit Member

Just wanted to mention how much I really enjoy the environment at AJ CrossFit. It’s delivered well above expectations!

Adam E., AJ CrossFit Member

Hi Andy and thanks. I have enjoyed the first 2 sessions and am looking forward to Saturday and then getting into the group sessions next week. I even ran into someone I know on Wednesday morning!

Also, just thought I would mention that I have been doing the paleo nutrition you recommended since Monday and my digestive system is happier than ever! Hard to believe I have spent nearly everyday of my 37+ years feeling sick and thinking it was completely normal even though I had been tested for all sorts of intolerances and nothing solid coming back.

Kylie C., AJ CrossFit Member

Many thanks to you and your guys over the last couple of days in welcoming us to the club. We’ve been made to feel very welcome and look forward getting into the crossfit lifestyle.

Tim G., AJ CrossFit Member

I just wanted to say how amazing AJ CrossFit is! I cop a bit of slack from my mates for doing CrossFit, because they’ve seen all the videos of people ‘doing it (so!) wrong’ on youtube, but I always tell them that my trainers are amazing and make sure we don’t do stupid stuff! And it’s true.

CrossFit has been an amazing addition to my life. The coaches are so supportive and I love being kicked with some motivation when I’m told, “nah, I think you could do one more round”. The other day I was thinking, “why is CrossFit so addictive?” (because I want to come back, day after day, even though I check the WOD beforehand), and I realised it’s because of the great atmosphere. There’s no judging (unlike the university gym I used to go to), and I’ve made so many friends! It’s always a laugh and everyone is always really encouraging, letting each other know when they’ve improved.

Basically, CrossFit is super cool! Everyone is lovely and funny and it is my kick-ass study break whenever I can make it away from uni!

Thanks again, guys, keep up the awesome work.

Jazz D., AJ CrossFit Member

Thanks Andy! Really enjoyed day 1 and looking forward to tomorrow night. And I can honestly say I’ve never actually enjoyed a first session at the gym so positive start! No vomiting next time :)

Sam, AJ CrossFit Member

Hi Andy, I’ve got to thinking a few times recently how awesome you and your team are at making people feel important and feel like individuals. From my own experience and from watching your interactions with other clients, what really stands out to me is that although you would have already explained the same thing many times that day, you guys always make it seem like its the first time you’ve gone through it. I think you are all fantastic!

Sharon B., AJ CrossFit Member

Turning the corner in life and edging ever closer to fifty, I found that after years of heavy work in the building industry and a non-stop stressful lifestyle had taken its toll. While being a very fit and active person in my earlier years, I found that in the past 10 years my work had changed to where I was constantly behind a computer and my life became sedentary. I gained weight, became very unfit, and my body stiffened up to a point where I was in continual pain with lower back issues and found the simplest tasks difficult. A story we have all heard and witnessed many times.

Being introduced to Andy and his team by a friend was by far the best thing that has happened to me. Andy has managed to get me moving again!! The bit of walking I used to do as an illusion for exercise just didn’t cut it and I was always intimidated by the thought of going to a gym with all those “Fit People”. The welcoming and positive attitude I found with Andy and his team of Regan, Clay and Janine makes the effort of going to training enjoyable. I hate to say it but I almost look forward to the next instalment of torture and I find myself disappointed if I don’t manage 4 sessions a week.

After completing about a month of one on one sessions and learning the ropes, I felt confident enough to start with the group training sessions. What I really like is that every day is different. The WOD’s while they are always challenging and demanding to say the least, Andy’s continual encouragement and guidance has given me the motivation and determination to stay focused and achieve goals that I once thought impossible. While I still have a long way to go and my journey has just begun, Andy’s motto of “Just turn up” really works.

My achievements in the past four to five months have been to me truly amazing. My lower back pain is a thing of the past. Flexibility is slowly coming back and things like air squats, sit ups, pull ups, push ups and stretching are becoming part of everyday routine. My weight loss is a side effect and not something that is controlled by rollercoaster diets that confront us all daily.

I have found that while the WOD is set routine each day and the same for everyone you simply work at your own pace, ability and strength. I learnt (thank God) that exercises can be scaled. It becomes you against your own PB. There are no egos and Andy has developed an atmosphere and culture that I believe to be unique in the fitness industry (just make sure you learn everyone’s name!). I am so grateful that I have become part of this culture, each day being pushed, challenged and driven to the limits of my ability, strengths and determination.

Thank you Andy and team!! See you tomorrow….

James L., AJ CrossFit Member

On a general note, I realised after completing Thursdays WOD RXD the improvements are really kicking in (except double unders and overhead squats), when I started I had a lot of difficulty getting through the conditioning / endurance WODS, I still do but at least I can. Thanks to you, Clay and Reagan for your dedication to the good cause and the class of no excuses you have made a huge difference in me.

See you next week,

Martin T., AJ CrossFit Member

And that’s from just a few of our fit and thrilled members.

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