Workout of the Day – Thursday 20-02-2014

WOD # 1 - Conditioning

Partner AMRAP

As many rounds as possible in 9 min

  • 5 Squat clean thrusters,60/40 kg
  • 10 Burpee over bar

WOD # 2 – More conditioning

Partner AMRAP

As many rounds as possible in 9 min

  • 5 Ring dips
  • 10 Toes 2 bar

*both WOD # 1 and # 2 is one partner works at a time, completing one round then tagging their partner to start round 2


Competition Training WOD (Optional)

  • Split Jerk




The 2014 CrossFit Open starts Monday 3rd March

As you are probably all aware each year our box participates in the “CrossFit Games Open”, A once a year opportunity to test your fitness against thousands of CrossFitters from around the world. Well, this year it gets even better than that…………..


Announcing the Inaugural “AJ CrossFit Team Championship”


As in previous years all members will be doing the Open workouts (one WOD per week for 5 weeks) and also as usual all registered athletes will receive their national and world ranking, But this year scores for the Open WODs will also contribute championship points towards their teams total.

Athletes who complete the workout as RX will receive more points than scaled athletes but every athlete on the team who participates will contribute to their team’s score.


THE CATCH: You must be registered for the open at to be eligible for points for your team.


THE TWIST: The “AJ CrossFit Team Championship” like CrossFit itself, is about more than just Fitness, Bonus points may be awarded for a variety of other important attributes like Team spirit, Team fashion, Sportsmanship, Team teamlyness. (That’s probably not a word but you can still earn Championship points for it you have enough of it)


THE PRIZE: All members of the winning team will receive a “2014 AJ CrossFit Team Championship” Tshirt and the obvious fame and fortune associated with winning such a prestigious event


Team captains have been selected and all of our current members are being drafted into one of 6 teams (5 from Carina and 1 from our Cleveland Box).

Your team captains are:

  • ·Amita L.
  • ·Hanno
  • ·Sharon D.
  • ·Ingrid C.
  • ·James T. (Tomo)
  • ·Sue Smith (Cleveland Team)

get yourself registered then get your team mates registered because a non registered athlete can still do the WOD on the day but the team won’t get any points. But all registered athletes will score some points for their team no matter how well they do in the WOD.   

Here’s where to register 

The Open WODS will be completed as the workout of the day each Monday with a special session either at Cleveland or Carina on the Saturday for anyone unable to get in on a Monday.

Any questions about the whole open process feel free to contact Janine or myself.

Let’s get the whole Box on board and make this a great event.


The reviews.

Amita Larioya Hanno Sharon Dove Ingrid Chapman James Thomson
Aaron Kowald Abi Jones Adam Evans Alex Saragossi Alan West
Aaron Smith Adam Blair Alex Warren Alissa Steinke Allie Kendal
Albie Allan Amanda Mu Sung Andy Claughton Amanda Frampton Annette Galwey
Alicia Murphy Andy Buckman Bec Kowald Andy Pocock Ash Zeimer
Andrea Savvas Belinda Clarke Ben Doecke Ben Leigh Bernice Hills
Annaliese Duncan Bree Hinchy Brendon Millsom Brett Hobdell Brooke Willis
Bel Edhouse Callum Harrison Carly Caffery Carmen Doecke Cindy O’Reilly
Billy English Christo Van Dyk Damian Dove Caroline McDermid Craig Coster
Chantell Van Dyk Dale Stoppard Dan Reeves Damian Rezak Dani Kirk
Clive Nichol Dom Buckland Elle Simonsen Danny Graham Denise Robertson
Craig Gordon Emily Santucci Emma Chapman Doyle Johns Emma Powell
Darren Cameron Gina Savvas Glenn Gibson Emma Hill Heggie
Dom Romeo Grant Owen Greg O’Sullivan Euty Wandetto Hugh Myers
Emma Reilly James White Jane Everett Glenn Tipton Jen Evans
Fiona Wilson James Winyard Janet Ames Gregg Sansom Jody Raiti
Jakob Barren Jane Pocock Justin Stewart Helen Pitarides Karen Delaforce
James Loveday John Leigh Kellie Hansen Jason Debel Kelly Wheelahan
Jess Robinson Keisha Athanasiov Kris Lloyd-Jones Jazz Dugmore Leo Bowers
John Barrett Kirrilee Riini Luke Fraser Justine Quintano Manda Philp
Katie Hunt Lis Whitehouse Luke Hatherley Kristi Long Mark West
Ken Roberts Lucky Meagan Kachel Maddie George Martin Thomson
Linda Pascoe Matt Caffery Mike Reardon Marie Loveday Mel Foster
Mark O’Reilly Michael Redgrave Nat Petrova Mel Diprose Nick Warwick
Mark Wilson Miguel Hernandez Rachel Nicol Nathan Wrice Nicola Clark
Mel King Rose McAndrew Rob Illsley Nickie O’Sullivan Rhyll Hanley
Mel Luckensmeyer Sajid Mahomed Rockett Renee Allan Ross Chernetskay
Nigel Ballarin Sally Camuglia-May Ryan Carroll Rob Smith Sarah Herbert
Paul Berglund Sandra Wood Sam Hernandez Sarah Haynes Scott Meredith
Penny Casagrande Sav McVie Sam Hyde Sarah Tolhurst Simone Moodie
Ryan Leahy Steve Bury Scott Waterson Shane Churchward Sue Horne
Sam Mielnik Steve Stamatiou Steve Geddes Sue Chapman Tamra Monteret
Sarah Turner Torben Struck Steven Bennetts Suzy Bohan Theunis Van Dyk
Simon Graham Wes Stever Tam Zeimer Terry Tim George
Skye Dempster Yani Kowalenko Tula Hilbrink Trent McIntosh Tim Smith
Susie Green Whimpster Yunjee Hanlon Zan Bailey Warwick Whatley


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